Need a visa


You can quickly get a visa invitation to Russia using this form.
We do registration for foreign citizens for the whole period of accommodation in Molotoff Capsule Hotel.

The registration fee is 200 rubles.


Dear guests!

Molotoff Capsule Hotel reminds you that foreign citizens should have the following documents with them: passport, valid visa, migration card and registration form of your previous accommodation (a tear-off Arrival Notification form).

Are you staying at some other place of accommodation in Russia before coming to Molotoff Capsule Hotel? If so, make sure you are registered and given a registration form (a tear-off Arrival Notification form).

Also pay attention to the rules of stay in our hotel.

Why do you need visa?

Visa invitation is required so that you could get entry visa to Russia. The document consists of two parts: a foreign tourist acceptance confirmation and a tourist voucher. The invitation contains the information about the purpose of your visit, itinerary, hotels where you will stay, and your passport details. You can check whether citizens of your country need visa or not on the site of the Embassy of the Russian Federation.
Use the link to see a sample invitation.
Please, check out the rules of service provision and the policy of data processing.
Fill in the form below to get visa invitation from our hotel. It won’t take long.


You can also get invitation for several people at once if the dates and the itinerary of their trip are the same.
The cost of invitation for one tourist is 1500 roubles.
It will be sent to the e-mail address you provided within 48 hours after the payment.
Original invitation can also be delivered by post for additional charge.

Please note: we make only tourist visa invitations. Tourist visa can be valid up to 30 days.