The Central Telegraph building is among the architectural monuments that make cultural heritage of Russia. It was build upon the project of I.I. Rerberg in 1927 and became a historic site when on June, 22, 1941 Viacheslav Mikhailovich Molotov (Minister of Foreign Affairs in USSR in 1939 — 1949, responsible for conducting foreign policy in 1923 — 1946) announced the beginning of the Great Patriotic War. This tragic word spread all over the country like wildfire.

90 years after, in relatable year of 2017, a unique project — Molotoff Capsule Hotel — was created. This capsule hotel has gathered people coming from all over the world at the very heart of the capital in the building steeped in time-honoured history. The hotel is located within a short walking distance from Red Square, with its windows overlooking the red stars of the Kremlin. One can hardly think of a better place for any Moscow guest to stay.

The atmoshere of the interior best reflects the epoch spirit of the beginning and middle of the 20th century. The architecture itself tells a lot about the strength of the Soviet state. Six meter windows, fundamental concrete constructions, multi — level space…The building was founded in stirring times full of  well-known names, cultural and political events. Molotoff Hotel conveys this very atmosphere. Here one can find books with Silver age poetry, surpassing sketches of Diagelev’s ballets, bright works of Moscow painters and wall posters of Jackson Pollock, who started the modern avant garde movement in art.

Exclusive designer furniture, that vary in colour and shape, ideally fits and adds to the space. Here everyone can find their favourite place, choose the book to their liking and admire the atmosphere after a busy day in Moscow. The combination of iconic place, historical building, creative concept and comfortable sleeping accommodation created with Japanese technology, makes art-hotel Molotoff a precious and popular place for tourists from all over the world.